Fog and Shadows

Shining a light into the fog and shadows caused by surviving with fibromyalgia

Hanging on by a hair.

Anxiety boiling up inside me, how dare I be spoken to like that. How quickly trust can be lost. I tried counting my breathing, but I could feel my lunch rising at the back of my throat, and I was starting to sweat and shake. This was the first time since I got Alfi that […]

Insomniac Flareville…

Long time no blog, I know some things never change… In the last six weeks I have been to Melbourne twice, once was partly holiday and partly because a friend needed a friend. The second time was primarily to go to my best friends 40th Birthday celebration. Both times were great fun, and Alfi was […]

Sometimes we need a nudge

I am possibly the world’s most unreliable blogger, but eventually I seem to find my way back. This post has taken me many a sleepless night, plus more than a few technical hitches before I finally got things even organised enough to start drafting. I am lucky enough to have people in my life who […]

Happy New Year

I know I suck at writing with any regularity, but all I can do is say welcome to 2016 I am still alive and with the help of the amazing Mulga my assistance dog I get out a lot more now. Which means my fibro has flared more than expected I guess. But hey it’s […]

Claytons Dreaming

Insomnia is driving me nuts at the moment, the whole short trip analogy is springing to mind, but that is irrelevant. This is now the fourth night in a row that my sleep has been severely disrupted. I took a strong pain killer so at least this time I know it isn’t because of pain, […]

Too much time to think.

Living with chronic disabling pain and fatigue gives you far too much time to think. Today is one of those days. It did at least remind me that I have not blogged for a long time, and I really do want to do it, I just basically forget most of the time. So now while […]

A lot can happen in six months!

Six months ago I was happily starting out training Bella and I thought that everything was sunshine and roses. I guess I forgot that with animals it is unwise to chose with your heart alone. Bella did work very well in all areas of her assistance work except one and no matter how I tackled […]

My Bella

On the 13th of June I adopted Bella my new greyhound assistance dog in training and we will work towards training her up to become my balance assistance dog, with tasks including picking things up, counter balance, alerting to me, steadying me. Helping me up from seats. While I am missing having Jasper who was […]

Post Tournament Lull

It is the morning after our Country Week tournament in South Australia. It is 4am and I have been awake half the night, most likely because I am now totally over tired. It is also possible I am coming down with a cold, I haven’t felt great all week and now I feel like I’m […]

The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

To everyone out there who loves a good book that is a nice easy read, you have to try The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I saw it was getting made into a movie and wanted to read the book before I saw it. I am glued to it. It is a tragic […]


This week has really been one of those you would just as soon forget. It has been one step forward, two steps backward with my fatigue levels and it is going to be somewhat more hectic over the next week. I have to run my sister to Adelaide tomorrow, she is having her gallbladder removed. […]


Well I survived the doubles yesterday though I didn’t play all that well in the first or the last game. We won our second game, but for some reason the form that I found then eluded me later in the day. I had fun though and that was the most important thing. The first day […]

Pre Tournament Jitters

The tournament at Naracoorte starts today and I can’t bloody sleep. I have taken two sleeping tablets and read to the point I nod off, but still sleep won’t come to me. It’s odd not being in my own bed, this one is comfortable enough although sharing a single bed with Jasper is a little […]

Drip, drip, sob…

We are getting ever closer to winter as I am reminded by the downpour that I woke up to this morning. I don’t so much mind the rain, I can avoid it easily enough, but the pain that the weather system brought with it wasn’t the most pleasant experience of the week. And boy has […]

C c cold!

It seems that the colder weather is starting to creep in on us. The days don’t warm up as much and the nights are getting oh so chilly! Sadly this is bringing the arthritic aches to the fore front again. My hands have been so sore today that I am glad I have Jasper trained […]

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